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Halkin Services Limited was formed in November 2002 to cater for the clients of Naydale Services, the excellent advisory service formerly provided by Teddy Butler-Henderson.  The objectives and activities of Halkin Services are set out below:


  1. To provide an open-minded, stimulating and independent commentary on fundamental and technical developments in global financial markets, financial economics and alternative investments.
  2. To circulate, with permission, the insights of respected contrarian writers, market experts and other reputable individuals on a much broader subject spectrum, including geopolitics and climate.
  3. To facilitate discussion and debate of key financial issues through lunches and dinners.

The Service (delivered by e-mail):

  1. The Halkin Letter, mainly written by Peter Warburton, with contributions from Robert Brooke on Asia and Robin Aspinall on Europe, is distributed each Thursday, highlighting significant financial and economic developments and drawing attention to the most striking and original material that has appeared in the previous week.
  2. Robin Aspinall’s Weekly Notes, circulated each Friday, providing a concise and crisp summary of the week’s salient news items of relevance to investment managers.
  3. The Halkin Technical Comment, written by Tony Plummer, circulated each Tuesday, summarising the latest opinions of respected market analysts.
  4. Distribution of some of the best contrarian newsletters (with authors’ permission) including the
    • Articles on Asia 
    • Bob Hoye
    • Browning Newsletter
    • China Economic Monthly
    • Courcy’s Future Threats Monitor
    • Courcy’s Intelligence Review and Briefing
    • Courcy's Latin American News
    • The Credit Strategist from Michael Lewitt
    • Cycles Research
    • Diapason Commodities Management reports
    • Fred Richards Market Musings
    • John Mauldin
    • Jon Thorn on India
    • Prudent Bear articles.
  5. In addition, we provide regular updates from many other respected experts including Simon Hunt on China and Metals.
  6. Provision of information in response to specific client requests, where feasible.  These can be submitted by e-mail or telephone.
  7. Lunches and dinners (in London) are arranged throughout the year for subscribers to debate topical issues with contributors to the service and other prominent individuals.

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