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Roundtable Lunch - Investment Ideas For 2019

- 4th Dec, 2018


Halkin Masterclass on Financial Market Forecasting

- 8th Nov, 2018

Speaker: Tony Plummer, Fellow of the Society of Technical Analysts in the UK, and a former director of Hambros Bank Ltd, Hambros Fund Management PLC, Rhombus Research Ltd, and Helmsman Economics Ltd. He was also, until recently, a Visiting Professorial Fellow in the Economics Department at Queen Mary, University of London.


- 6th Nov, 2018

Speaker: Richard Cragg, Since taking his honours degree in Chemistry in 1968, Richard Cragg has spent almost his entire working life in Financial Services, both in the UK and overseas. His background includes being a fund manager in London and Toronto for a leading Canadian insurance company, head of research for a local stockbroker in Singapore and senior executive in research and corporate finance with both HSBC and Deutsche Bank. During that period he specialised in Emerging Markets, and has been involved in company and economic research in some 15 countries, from Russia to the Indian sub-continent, China and South East Asia as well as Mexico and Argentina. While in Singapore, he published two books on the economies of Singapore and Malaysia, as well as articles for the Singapore Business Times, and made presentations at international conferences including the International Investor in New York and World Money in Hong Kong. In 1998 FT Pitman published his book highlighting the use of demographics in investment strategy. The same year he joined NCL Investments, and until his retirement in 2010 held the post of Global Strategist for its successor company, Smith & Williamson Investment Management.

The promising future of liquid biopsies in the diagnosis of cancers

- 25th Oct, 2018

Speaker: Andrew Newland, Founder and chief executive of ANGLE plc, a medical technology company

Financial contagion and the threat to emerging markets

- 27th Sep, 2018

Speaker: Russell Napier, Edinburgh-based consultant who writes about issues impacting the global equity markets. Previously a strategist for CLSA Asia Pacific Markets, where he contributed to the development and scope of CLSA's equity research, he is now an independent strategist at and co-founder of ERIC an on line platform for high-quality individually priced investment research. In addition Russell is a director of the Scottish Investment Trust and the Mid Wynd International Investment Trust.

Tactical asset allocation using a model-based approach

- 18th Sep, 2018

Speaker: David Ranson, President and Director of research at US-based HCWE, formerly Wainwright Economics

Global markets review

- 11th Jul, 2018

Speaker: Robin Griffiths, ECU group

The changing dynamics in the crude oil market

- 28th Jun, 2018

Speaker: Maarten van Mourik, Advisor and Consultant to The Offshore Oil and Gas Industry

Southern Africa: risk versus reward for the cautious investor

- 31st May, 2018

Speaker: Colin Smith, Founder and Managing Director of Kariba Group

Credit the indestructible asset class

- 16th May, 2018

Speaker: Marnoch Aston, Research Director at Ruffer LLP

Emerging markets: bull markets and crisis points

- 20th Mar, 2018

Speaker: Edward Lam, Somerset Capital Management

The end of Moore’s law and risks to the internet

- 1st Mar, 2018

Speaker: Mike Orme,

The UK property market and its investment opportunities

- 14th Feb, 2018

Speaker: Hugh Colville, evolve Fund Services

The impact of blockchain technology disruption

- 12th Feb, 2018

Speaker: Woody Preucil, 13D Research

The outlook for Japan’s economy and financial markets

- 30th Jan, 2018

Speaker: Robert Brooke, Senior advisor to Man GLG’s Japan CoreAlpha team

The Global Currency Outlook

- 30th Nov, 2017

Speaker: Dr Brendan Brown, Head of Economic Research at MUFG

Financial markets

- 13th Nov, 2017

Speaker: Paul Nesbitt, Elliott Wave expert

Canada - investment thoughts

- 17th Oct, 2017

Speaker: Chill and Geoff Heward, CFG Heward in Montreal

Fundamental and financial aspects of the gold market outlook

- 5th Oct, 2017

Speaker: John Reade, Chief Market Strategist at the World Gold Council

Market strategy

- 19th Sep, 2017

Speaker: Peter Perkins, Founding partner of Macro Research Board

Why Elon Musk is wrong about hydrogen fuel

- 29th Jun, 2017

Speaker: Graham Cooley, CEO of ITM POWER

India - how good is your policy?

- 6th Jun, 2017

Speaker: Jon Thorn, India Capital Fund

Brexit is only the beginning

- 31st May, 2017

Speaker: Dr Gerard Lyons, The Chief Investment Strategist of online discretionary asset manager, Netwealth Investments

Merkel at risk? Germany and its role in post-Brexit Europe

- 5th Apr, 2017

Speaker: Dr Holger Schmieding , The Chief Economist of Berenberg Bank in London

An update on China and copper

- 14th Mar, 2017

Speaker: Simon Hunt,

Tearing Down The House: How Accelerated Depletion Has Maintained Oil Production

- 22nd Feb, 2017

Speaker: Maarten van Mourik, Advisor and Consultant to The Offshore Oil and Gas Industry

Is rising inflation good for gold

- 2nd Feb, 2017

Speaker: Charlie Morris, ATLAS PULSE , Alasdair Macleod , GOLD MONEY

The significance of Donald Trump’s presidency for financial markets

- 26th Jan, 2017

Speaker: Tony Plummer,

The bright side of Brexit

- 8th Dec, 2016

Speaker: Bernard Jenkin, Conservative MP for Harwich and North Essex, and chairman of the Commons Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee


- 17th Nov, 2016

Speaker: John Reade, Senior vice president at Paulson Europe LLP

India’s Economic Awakening and Related Investment Opportunities

- 10th Nov, 2016

Speaker: Vik Mehrotra, The CEO and CIO Of Venus Capital Management

Investment Roadmap

- 11th Oct, 2016

Speaker: Robin Griffiths, ECU group

Where now for commodities?

- 29th Sep, 2016

Speaker: Stephan Wrobel , Diapason Commodities Management

The outcome of the UK-EU referendum

- 5th Jul, 2016

Speaker: David Marsh, Chairman of the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions’ Forum (OMFIF)

Reliable electrical energy storage

- 28th Jun, 2016

Speaker: , Scott McGregor, CEO of RedT Energy

Reshaping monetary policy after the crisis

- 8th Jun, 2016

Speaker: Dr Andrew Sentance, Senior Economic Advisor to consultancy PwC and a former external MPC member

Momentous credit and property market developments in China over recent months

- 3rd May, 2016

Speaker: Simon Hunt,

Innovations in global savings and payment platforms and the special place of gold within them

- 7th Apr, 2016

Speaker: Jason Cozens , Glintpay, Ben Davies , Glintpay

The U.K.‘s military capability regarding the challenges faced at home and abroad

- 14th Mar, 2016

Speaker: Lord Dannatt,

Conservatives for Britain: seeking fundamental change in Britain’s relationship with the EU

- 24th Feb, 2016

Speaker: Steven Baker, Conservative MP for Wycombe

The gains the UK can expect to achieve from a decision to leave

- 4th Feb, 2016

Speaker: Andrew Lilico, Director of Europe Economics

Britain’s Future in Europe

- 26th Jan, 2016

Speaker: Dr Swati Dhingwa, The Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics

The investment outlook for 2016

- 26th Nov, 2015

Speaker: Robin Griffiths and Alasdair Macleod,

China strengthening grip on US companies

- 12th Nov, 2015

Speaker: Barry Lynn, The New America Foundation

The monopolisation of the US economy by large corporations

- 12th Nov, 2015

Speaker: Barry Lynn, The New America Foundation

Opportunities in cancer immunotherapy

- 3rd Nov, 2015

Speaker: Albert Scardino,

Austerity in the public finances

- 21st Oct, 2015

Speaker: Professor Richard Roberts,

The threat posed by Islamic State

- 7th Oct, 2015

Speaker: David Kempton,

The Cycles Research forecast

- 23rd Sep, 2015

Speaker: Bill Sarubbi,

Gold Equity Markets and credit dislocation

- 8th Jul, 2015

Speaker: Paul Mylchreest, ADM ISI


- 18th Jun, 2015

Speaker: Robert Z. Brooke,

Belkin Report

- 12th May, 2015

Speaker: Michael Belikn,

Central Bankers: lions that have lost their roar

- 21st Apr, 2015

Speaker: Andrew Sentance, PwC

Internet of Things

- 10th Mar, 2015

Speaker: Cyrus Mewawalla, C.M. Research

Roundtable led by Robin Griffiths

- 18th Feb, 2015

Speaker: Robin Griffiths,

Oil Supply Outlook

- 8th Jan, 2015

Speaker: Maarten van Mourik, North Sea Group, Amrita Sen, Energy Aspects

Tactical and Strategic asset allocation

- 2nd Dec, 2014

Speaker: Peter Perkins, Macro Research Board

South Africa

- 18th Nov, 2014

Speaker: Adam Fleming, Fleming Family Partners

The internet challenges in the financial system

- 5th Nov, 2014

Speaker: Cryptos,

The significance of demographics for economic development and financial markets

- 14th Oct, 2014

Speaker: Paul Hodges, International eChem

Global Investment Strategy

- 24th Sep, 2014

Speaker: Robin Griffiths, Technical Strategist at The ECU Group plc and author of World Investment Strategy

Global Investment Strategy publication

- 24th Sep, 2014

Speaker: Robin Griffiths,

Doing more with less: the role of effective defence procurement reform

- 24th Jun, 2014

Speaker: Philip Dunne MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Defence

The outlook for unconventional energy in the US

- 11th Jun, 2014

Speaker: Charles Goodson, CEO at Petroquest Energy

The quantitative use of market prices to inform investment strategy

- 10th Jun, 2014

Speaker: David Ranson, Wainwright Economics

The winning prospects of Prospect Theory

- 29th May, 2014

Speaker: Herman Brodie, Prospecta and Cognitrend

Is the UK economic recovery for real? - Roundtable discussion

- 15th May, 2014

Speaker: Ian Stewart, Deloitte, Dr Peter Warburton, Halkin Services Limited and Economic Perspectives Limited

Big Data

- 10th Apr, 2014

Speaker: Cyrus Mewawalla, CM Research. CM Research provide global thematic research in the Technology, Media and Telecoms (TMT) sectors with the focus on disruptive technologies.

The Future Productivity of Energy

- 27th Mar, 2014

Speaker: Andy Lees, Macro Strategy Partnership

The Automatic Economy

- 27th Feb, 2014

Speaker: Keith Woolcock, 5th Column Ideas. Keith writes on technology themes such as the ‘Internet of Things’ and ‘Machine to Machine’ data.

3D Printing Technology from an Investment Perspective

- 11th Feb, 2014

Speaker: Wolf Raymer, Ardana Advisors

‘Finance and Economics’ - A Critical Perspective

- 14th Jan, 2014

Speaker: Mark Buchanan, Physicist, journalist and author of several books, in particular 'Ubiquity' and 'Forecast'.

The Euthenticity of the UK Economic Recovery - Roundtable

- 9th Dec, 2013

Speaker: Dr Peter Warburton, Economic Perspectives Limited

“Gene Silencing” - Biotechnology Developments and Their Opportunities

- 27th Nov, 2013

Speaker: Dr Peter French, CEO of Benitech Biopharma Ltd, Australia

ASEAN prospects after the emerging markets storm

- 24th Oct, 2013

Speaker: Sharmila Whelan, Asianomics

‘Europe’s Deadlock: How the Crisis Could Be Solved - And Why It Won’t Happen.

- 22nd Oct, 2013

Speaker: David Marsh, A distinguished author on European matters.

Mapping the World’s Markets and Oceans

- 19th Sep, 2013

Speaker: Robin Griffiths, Technical Strategist for Cazenove Capital and Director of Halkin Services.

Japan: riding the cycle – an assessment of Japan’s policy experiment and its financial implications

- 3rd Jul, 2013

Speaker: Robert Brooke, Consultant to GLG and independent analyst of Japan for over 20 years

Investing in the Philippines

- 25th Jun, 2013

Speaker: Michael Garcia, CEO of MBG Capital

How social media is shaping financial market behaviour

- 13th Jun, 2013

Speaker: Izabella Kaminska, FT Alphaville Reporter

What needs to change in UK monetary policy

- 22nd May, 2013

Speaker: Dr Andrew Sentance, Economic Advisor at Price Waterhouse Coopers

A Strategic Energy Theme

- 1st May, 2013

Speaker: Chris Skrebowski, Director of Peak Oil Consulting

London’s role in UK economic regeneration

- 10th Apr, 2013

Speaker: Dr Gerard Lyons, Chief Economic Advisor to the Mayor of London

The Investment Case for Uranium

- 21st Mar, 2013

Speaker: John Wong, Senior Fund Manager of the Geiger fund at CQS, Adam Cooke, Responsible for Investor Relations of the Geiger fund at CQS

The Big Picture

- 13th Feb, 2013

Speaker: William Houston, author of Riding the Business Cycle, Through the Whirlwind, and Water: The Final Resource, Stephen Lewis, chief economist at Monument Securities and veteran of the London fixed income market, Alasdair MacLeod, head of research at GoldMoney, Tony Plummer, author of Forecasting Financial Markets, Peter Warburton, author of Debt and Delusion

The outlook for commercial property in the UK and Poland

- 8th Jan, 2013

Speaker: Ben Habib, Chief executive of First Property Asset Management

Prospects for India’s economy and stockmarket

- 6th Dec, 2012

Speaker: Dr Jon Thorn, CEO of India Capital Fund

“The Oil Outlook” and “Tensions in the Middle East”

- 22nd Nov, 2012

Speaker: Maarten van Mourik, Economist and Oil Analyst for North Sea Group, based in France, Joe de Courcy, Editor of Courcy’s Intelligence Brief and Chief Executive of Intelligence Research Ltd in London.

US energy developments, and the economics of and prospects for US shale development

- 30th Oct, 2012

Speaker: Charles Goodson, CEO of PetroQuest Energy LLC and a director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

10th Anniversary Conference

- 18th Oct, 2012

Speaker: Dr Marc Faber, Editor and Publisher of “The Gloom Boom & Doom” Report, Bill Bonner,

The Australian Anomaly: is Australia an investment haven or a dangerous China exposure?

- 27th Sep, 2012

Speaker: David Hunter, Director of Smith & Williamson Investment Management

Inflation and real interest rates

- 3rd Jul, 2012

Speaker: Peter Spiller, CEO of Capital Gearing Asset Management

Outlook for the US financial and housing sectors

- 13th Jun, 2012

Speaker: Charles Peabody, Director of Portales Partners in New York

The rapid development of digital technology and it’s impact on UK broadcasting and other media

- 9th May, 2012

Speaker: Lord Burns, chairman of Channel 4, Santander UK and Welsh Water

A markets overview

- 22nd Mar, 2012

Speaker: Tony Plummer, Director of Helmsman Economics Ltd and author of 'Forecasting Financial Markets'

“The impact on Asian economies of the European banking crisis”

- 21st Feb, 2012

Speaker: Dr Gerard Lyons, chief economist and group head of global research at Standard Chartered

“The outlook for the oil price in an uncertain credit context”

- 7th Feb, 2012

Speaker: Maarten van Mourik, chief economist for the North Sea Group in the Netherlands

“God bless America and all those who short-sale in her”

- 24th Jan, 2012

Speaker: Jonathan Ruffer, chief executive of Ruffer LLP